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In this course, you’ll learn about IHL, the legal framework governing situations of armed conflict, and how it relates to the humanitarian principles and humanitarian action in the field.

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Here’s preview of First Unit of Course giving overview of IHL:

The international humanitarian law is part of the body of international law that governs relations between states. It aims to protect persons who are not or are no longer taking part in hostilities, the sick and wounded, prisoners and civilians, and to define the rights and obligations of the parties to a conflict in the conduct of hostilities.

This law course will help you to understand these complex legal issues by teaching you basic norms governing armed conflicts, also known as ‘International Humanitarian Law’ (‘IHL’). This course provides basic overview  of theoretical and practical knowledge for students, researchers and academics who wish to specialize in this field.

The course starts with the sources and subjects & application of IHL, the course will address the main substantive norms of IHL governing: the conduct of hostilities; the protection afforded to persons in the hands of the enemy; occupation; and implementation of IHL.


Course Curriculum:

  • What is International Humanitarian Law?
  •  Sources of IHL
  •  IHL and the Humanitarian Principles
  •  Basic Principles of IHL
  •  Protected Persons and Objects
  •  International Criminal Law and Enforcement
  •  How does IHL protect in war?
  •  How are War Criminals Prosecuted under IHL?
  •  Difference b/w IHL & Human Rights?

Video As Well as Course Content (pdf, ppt etc) will be downloadable.

Course Starts: 20th June’2018

Certificate of Accomplishment is provided to every successful student completing the course.

Fees: There is no Fee to join this course.


Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum
What is International Humanitarian Law? FREE 00:00:00
Sources of IHL 00:00:00
IHL and the Humanitarian Principles 00:00:00
Basic Principles of IHL 00:00:00
Protected Persons and Objects 00:00:00
International Criminal Law and Enforcement 00:00:00
How does IHL protect in war? 00:00:00
How are War Criminals Prosecuted under IHL? 00:00:00
Difference b/w IHL & Human Rights? 00:00:00
Course Exam 00:00:00
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