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This Online Course on Practice & Procedure for filing Writs in Supreme Court & High Court is specially design to cover all aspects including introduction and understanding writs, practical applications, procedure as per law, formats, maintainability of Writs under Indian Law to be filed in Supreme Court of India & High Courts established in India of respective states.

The courses starts with basic information about Introduction to various types of Writs and then take you the journey of application, maintainability, procedure alongwith sample petitions and forms on various situation.


After this Course, You Will:

  • Understand the Writs
  • Understand the Procedure & Format for Writ Petition
  • Understand the Writ Jurisdiction of Supreme Court and High Courts
  • Understand the scope of Article 226 & Article 32 of Constitution of India
  • Understand the Maintainability of Writs
  • Understand filing procedure of Writ Petition in Supreme Court
  • Understand filing procedure of Writ Petition in High Court
  • Be able to file PIL in Supreme Court and High Court

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Curriculum of Course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Writs:
    1. Habeaus Corpus
    2. Mandamus
    3. Prohibition
    4. Quo-Warranto
    5. Certiorari
  3. Article 32 and 226 of the Constitution of India
  4. Scope of Article 32
  5. Applicability of Writs under Article 32
  6. Proceedings under Article 32
  7. Application of Writ and Its Maintainability
  8. Amendment of Writ Petition
  9. Person competent to file Writs
  10. Competency of Petition
  11. Habeaus Corpus
  12. Petition for Writ- Grounds of Relief
  13. Petition for Writ- Inordinate delay and its Effect- Article 32
  14. Applicability of Article 226
  15. Contents of Application under Article 226
  16. Article 226 & 227 of the Constitution of India
  17. Certiorari
  18. Delay and Laches in filing writ petition under Article 226
  19. Pleader, Appearance of
  20. Dismissal of Writ Petition ‘in limine’
  21. Existence of Alternative Remedy
  22. Nature and Extent of Jurisdiction of High Court under Article 226
  23. Malafides
  24. Mandamus
  25. New Plea
  26. Ambit & Scope of the Powers of High Court under Article 226
  27. Principles of Natural Justice
  28. Scope of Interference by High Court in the Proceedings under Article 226
  29. Scope of Article 226
  30. Maintainability of Writ Petition under Article 226
  31. Joint Writ Petition
  32. Writ of Prohibition and Quo Warranto
  33. Writ-When can be issues?
  34. Affidavit & Counter-Affidavit
  35. Civil Proceedings
  36. Pleading in Petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India
  37. Nature & Scope of Article 227
  38. Power of superintendence- Ambit and Scope- Under Article 227
  39. Withdrawal of Writ Petition under Misunderstanding
  40. Public Interest Litigation
  41. Withdrawal of Public Interest Litigation
  42. Procedure in Writ Proceedings and Civil Procedure Code
  43. Practice & Procedure in Writs


Sample Format of Writ Petitions

  • Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus to set the Petitioner at Liberty
  • Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus under Article 226
  • Petition for a Writ of Certiorari under Article 226
  • Petition for a Writ of Mandamus
  • Petition for the Issue of Appropriate Writ
  • Petition for Issue of Writ of Prohibition
  • Petition for a Writ of Quo Warranto and the other Direction or Order
  • Public Interest Litigation


Salient Features:

  • Assignments
  • Online Notes/Study Material
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Audio/Visuals Content
  • Expert Advice
  • Q&A Support
  • Sample Legal Docs and Formats
  • Rewards for Good Performance in Assignments


Procedure of Teaching:

The Course is self-paced taught at digitalschooloflaw.com Course Technology where the enrolled students will be provided credentials to take the course at their pace and can take the course notes, formats, submit assignments, attend live/recorded sessions and request certificate after the course.

The Course will include Video Sessions with Advocate on Record of Supreme Court and Senior Advocates, PIL Activist.

For each module: Particulars and Sample Document and Format will be provided and then the assignment will be given to check and improve student skills. Grades will be provided to assignments which will reflect on certificate of completion too.


Certificate of Accomplishment will be provided to student on completion of Course.



Fees: INR 2500/- only

Limited Spots are there on first come first serve basis.

Avail Extra 10% Discount by Applying Coupon Code: DSL10 (Only for first 100)

Interested ones can register online to reserve their spot.

Online Payment Only via Debit/Credit Cards, Netbanking & Wallets are accepted.


Contact: info@digitalschooloflaw.com for any queries.

Course Curriculum

Course Units
Introduction to Writ Jurisdiction 00:00:00
Types of Writs 00:00:00
Article 32 & Article 226 under Constitution of India 00:00:00
Scope of Article 32 00:00:00
Scope of Article 226 00:00:00
Application of Writ and its Maintainability 00:00:00
Withdrawal of Writ Petition under Misunderstanding 00:00:00
Procedure in Writ Proceedings and Civil Procedure Code 00:00:00
Person Competent to file Writs 00:00:00
Applicability & Scope Of Article 227 00:00:00
Writ of Habeas Corpus 00:00:00
Sample Formats & Assignments
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus under Article 226 00:00:00
Format for Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus under A32 in SC 00:00:00
Assignment for Habeas Corpus 00:00:00
Writ of Certiorari 00:00:00
Format & Sample for Writ of Certiorari 00:00:00
Writ of Mandamus 00:00:00
Format cum Sample for Writ of Mandamus 00:00:00
Writ of Prohibition and Quo Warranto 00:00:00
Format for Writ of Prohibition and Quo Warranto 00:00:00
Public Interest Litigation 00:00:00
Format of PIL 00:00:00
  • 3,000.00 2,500.00
  • Course Certificate

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